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You Can't Play With My La La

After the nastiness has simmered down, La La Vasquez finally issues a statement about how those blood-thirsty Mav's fans almost caused her to lose her mind up in there.

So here's her version:

Obviously the play-off games bring out the best and the worst in fans but what happened on Monday night with the racial slurs/threats, verbal attacks on my son and physical attacks to myself by irate fans was unacceptable. The fans were totally out of control.

What the cameras captured was me defending myself and didn't show the abuse that was taking place."


Hear that, Mavs' fans? Racial slurs AND threats AND verbal attacks on her son. You can dump beer over top the head of Kenyon Martin's mom all you want, but once you start messing with La La, it's gonna get butt-ugly. Ignore her "Charm School" resume — this lady will beat you to death with her shoe if anyone dares to cause a commotion in Denver. To be safe, Nuggets fans should probably keep a safe distance as well.


Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Please do not try to play me out.

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