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You Got To Blog Just To Make It Today

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We know what you're thinking: What does MC Hammer think about this Barry Bonds business?

Well, thankfully, Hammer — that's Mr. Hammer if you're nasty — has a full screed in support of Barry and against "the hounds. It's pretty entertaining.

You are loved by many. I love you. You have brought me so much joy in your mastery of the game of baseball. Don't let the bloodhounds win. Finish the mission. Do it for San Francisco, do it for baseball, do it for your kid's, do it for your Dad (R.I.P.), and do it for yourself.


That's enjoyable enough, but our favorite line comes in the comments: "You don't need a lot of people who believe in your dream, but if Barry Bonds has MC Hammer and Jesus as dream holders, then that's all that he needs." Something about the notion of MC Hammer and Jesus holding opposite ends of a dream cracks us up.

Oh, and in case this isn't emphasized enough here: Hammer has a sports blog.

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