You Have To Love A Big Steph Curry Game

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The start of Steph Curry’s Game 3 went much like his Game 1 and Game 2, and by the end of the first half he was 3-of-11 from the field. At that point, Curry was shooting a combined 3-of-20 from three-point range for the series, and it was starting to look like the takeover everyone had been waiting for was never coming.

Then the third quarter started, and so did Curry. His dominance isn’t the sort that leans on a team, wearing them out over the course of four full quarters, but the sort that descends, suddenly and without mercy, and wipes opponents away in minutes. Curry made all seven of his shots in the quarter, scoring 18 points in under 10 minutes of run, and all that swagger that had been missing in the first two games reappeared. After a stepback three-point swish over James Harden, Curry hit his patented shimmy:


The Warriors were already up 54-43 at the end of the first half, and by the time Curry had piled on his 18 in the third, the Warriors were up by 21. Curry finished with five threes and 35 points in Golden State’s win to go up 2-1 in the series.

Again, about that swagger:


(He says his mom told him to watch his mouth afterwards.)

The Warriors are functionally the evil empire; they’re the polar opposite of the underdog. They have Kevin freakin’ Durant, for God’s sake. But when Steph Curry starts hitting threes and wiggling and cussing, it’s hard not to want them to win.