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You Know What Michael Vick Needs? Jeff George

With Matt Schaub having been traded to Houston, the Atlanta Falcons are in need of a backup quarterback. With Jeff George not having been good enough to break through the deep and talented Raiders QB depth chart last year, Jeff George needs a job. Sometimes, in situations like these, karma has a way of bringing people together.

Could it happen? Oh, it could happen (settle down, Whitlock). George made a call to the Falcons, and the Falcons were at least open to listening to him beg for a while. The report comes from's Len Pasquarelli (under the Insider umbrella, sorry) and while Len likes the idea himself (who doesn't?), he does describe the possibility of George rejoining the Falcons as a "long shot."


But the possibility of any team heading into the 2007 season with a depth chart that includes Michael Vick and Jeff George is just too much to ignore. Unless Todd Marinovich is also interested, the Falcons couldn't possibly make their depth chart any more interesting.

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