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You Know You've Missed Peter McNeeley

You can make fun of Mike Tyson all you want for his repeated "comeback" attempts — though we think he might have permanently shelved them ... for now ... permanently temporarily — but at least he has people who want to watch him fight, for whatever depraved reason. He also was once a champion. Whither, then, Peter McNeeley?

McNeeley, the guy famously pounded by Tyson during his second comeback in 1995, is getting back in the fight game at the age of 39. Considering he wasn't particularly skilled when he was younger, why is he coming back now? Well, other than the fact that he's been punched in the face repeatedly since he was a teenager?

"I slipped one past the goalie," the jovial McNeeley [said]. "I''m not sure the sex. We have an ultrasound in September. She's hoping for a boy, I'm hoping for a happy, healthy baby." Tanya is McNeeley's lady, and he says she's a straitlaced type, not prone to overindulging like him. She works two or sometimes three jobs, he [says], and he's hoping to get together some dough and making an honest woman of her sooner rather than later.


Well that's sweet of him! Heck, at this rate, if he raises enough money, he'll afford to by the kid a new crib, and then completely forget its name, and then his own.

Why The Comeback? McNeeley Explains [The Sweet Science]

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