I could be wrong about this, but I think hunters would be less likely to thoughtlessly pump bullets into animals if they knew they had names. For instance, that giant pig that the 11-year-old killed? Would it have been so easy to pull the trigger (9 times) if the enormous animal had been wearing a nametag that read, "Hello, My Name Is Fred"?

Maybe, maybe not ... but the beast's name was Fred. He wasn't so wild, as it turns out. No, he grew up under the care of Phil and Rhonda Blissitt in Fruithurst, Alabama. Phil bought Rhonda the pig as a Christmas gift (lucky woman), and they eventually sold Fred to the Lost Creek Plantation, where he was kept in a 150-acre fenced-in area. Four days later, the kid plugged Fred.

Oh well. Even if this truly wasn't a "man vs. nature" type of thing, and it wasn't truly killed in the wild, it's still a hell of an accomplishment for the shooter. That's something I'd like to achieve someday. Maybe later this afternoon, I'll go buy a gun and head to the zoo.

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