Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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From the Magazines That We All Loved As A Child And Now We Need To Be Reminded, In Fact, Exist Department, the St. Louis kids at The Sporting News learned today they have finally been sold, to, of all people, Si Newhouse and the Conde Nast empire.

Actually, it's "Advance Publications," which owns a lot of uninspiring newspapers and, uh, The New Yorker. We expect to see pithy comedic essays about bocce ball by David Sedaris in TSN by Thanksgiving. Seahawks owner Paul Allen has been trying to pawn off the slightly profitable but still-perceived-as-past-its-time magazine since buying it in 2000.


It is unknown what the Conde folks will do with the magazine, but we, for one, encourage them to run 10 pages of two-week-old box scores in the back. Hey, people buy and package nostalgia all the time.

Billionaire Buys Sporting News From Other Billionaire [Radar Online]

(Standard Disclaimer: We once worked for The Sporting News, but it was back in the '90s, and we're not sure that far back necessarily counts. Besides, we left about two months before everyone received bonuses for staying through the Allen purchase, so, you know, we're gonna stop talking about this now.)

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