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If you're tired of Madden already — and, as someone who currently has the Buzzsaw in the NFC Championship game at Philadelphia in franchise mode, we are certainly not that — you could be in luck: There's now a video game about traditionally black college football.

The best part about it: You get to be a member of the marching band!

"Step into the boots of a drum major: Halftime offers no respite as you suit up, grip your baton and lead your band of musical maestros through intricate formations as the crowd roars in amazement. It's the Battle of the Bands: Win this and you just might give your team what it needs to prevail in the second half."


You can see a trailer for the game here. That looks really fun, though we wonder if we can somehow transfer Wes Welker to the game.

Madden 2008 Rendered Irrelevant [Nation Of Islam Sports Blog]

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