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You Want To See Explosive, NBA Fans?

All was not so peaceful and friendly inside Peace and Friendship Stadium last night in Athens. With their Olympiakos losing to nemsis Panathinaikos in the Greek League final, fans made the Malice at the Palace look like a game of sandbox tag, hurling flares and bottles at the visitor's bench.

Ah, European hooligans — always good for a riot in Game 1 of the finals. But none of this is too surprising, considering Panathinaikos' fight song, Horto Magico, is a stoner jam, except more hardcore:

It's a magic weed, give me a little bit to taste, to dream of my PAO and shout as far as God: My Panatha, I love you, like heroin, like a hard drug, like hashish, lsd, for you PAO the whole world is stoned, (or: PAO the whole world is high on you), the whole world. My Panatha, my Panatha, I love you, I love you, wherever you may play I will always follow you, I follow you, PAO here, PAO here, PAO there, PAO there, wherever you may play we will always be together, always together.


So for Josh Childress, sounds about as intense as a Stanford-Cal game. (This is what he left for? Really?) Childress was quoted as saying the violence will "make make me think real hard over my future in Europe," but then he denied everything on his Twitter. This morning, he ate lunch on a topless beach.

After the smoke settled, the fans fought the police and Panathinaikos won the game with late free throws. At least I think they did. It's all Greek to me.


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