Okay, I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so let me just set the scene. This is action in the North West Counties Football League of England, with Padiham down 3-1 against Widnes in the 92nd minute. Widnes, the leaders, are in yellow, while Padiham is in blue. Now watch:

Holy crap, right? Not only does Padiham score two goals to run off with a 3-3 draw, but Widnes also had a perfect opportunity to put the game away, only to be denied by an incredible block off the line by a defender who almost comes out of nowhere. Between that block, the botched clearance at the start, and the perfect bounce off the crossbar, I count at least three improbable breaks for Padiham.

Only 170 fans had the privilege of seeing this minute live, but thank god at least one of them had the awareness to film it.