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Young Cricket Fan Tries To Scalp Kidney For Ticket

Young Sanjay Kumar Sen is trying to buy a ticket to the India-Pakistan World Cup of Cricket semifinal, but he doesn't have the 25,000 rupees (about $550) such a ticket commands on the secondary market.


So he's trying to sell his kidney, camped out with a sign that reads "Get my kidney, give me ticket." So far, the fish aren't biting.

Ya know, in my day they only charged an arm and a leg! Now they want kidneys, says Bengali Borscht Belt Jay Leno.


Here's The Australian, the only English-language media outfit with the balls to cover this story:

As a unique selling proposition it might just have worked. Indians appreciate an enterprising young man as much as the next person.

But Sen's campaign was brought to an abrupt halt after a huge crowd of angry and opportunistic veterinary pharmacists took their protest for better working conditions to within 50 metres of the stadium, and right into the face of an Indian security apparatus on full alert for the most political sporting clash the subcontinent has seen in years.

It's always those goddamn angry, opportunistic veterinary pharmacists, isn't it?

The game's at 5 a.m. EDT—we assume DUAN! will be buzzing.

Fan puts kidney up for sale in ticket grab [The Australian, h/t Tomuban]

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