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Young Cubs Fan Mocks Ryan Dempster's Pain

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This young fan in blue has thoroughly enjoyed Ryan Dempster's comical fall over a dugout railing, not realizing that the pitcher has just fractured his big toe and will spend a month on the DL. Go Cubbies!

Yes, in the urge to celebrate a rare victory over the mighty Brewers on Sunday, Dempster attempted to scale the dugout railing at Wrigley Field and failed. The miniature fence sent him sprawling, twisting his right foot in unnatural ways and sending him to the Hall of Lame Injuries on the first ballot.

In a way, this photo beautifully illustrates the great cosmic farce that all Cub fans must play a role in. For a brief moment, the boy is entertained by the clumsy follies of his favorite team, but meanwhile a darker truth lies quietly beneath the surface. The subtle interplay of comedy and tragedy is what defines the Cub Nation's futile existence as they seek to find humor in their plight, lest the reality of their struggle reduce them to bitter tears.


In other words ... who's laughing now, you little punk?

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[Photo: Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune]

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