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Young Larry Nance Jr. Wrote These Nice Letters To A Soldier Overseas

Danny Moloshok/AP Images
Danny Moloshok/AP Images

If you are the right age, i.e. pretty much any age, the U.S. was at war when you were a kid, and maybe your class wrote supportive letters to troops stationed overseas. (I did it during the Gulf War.) Lakers forward Larry Nance Jr. was 10 years old when the U.S. went into Iraq, and sent off a couple of letters to a soldier. That soldier, Bianca Snow, just dug them up:


The first one’s pretty standard, and cute enough.

Dear U.S. Soldier,

My name is Larry Nance. I have 1 sister, 1 brother that annoy me all the time. My dad played in the NBA.

Thank you for fighting for us in the war. You must be brave and miss your family.

I hope you get home soon and see your family soon. Good luck.


Larry Nance

The second one is supremely charming:

Dear U.S. Soldier is the war almost over? Where is Saddam? How are you? I’m fine. Thank you for writing back. Where are you?

Are you good at basketball? I like the Lakers too they are wining there series with the Timberwolves. Who is your favorite player? Mine is Shaq. Who do you want to get LeBron James? I want the Cavs to get LeBron, that is because my dad played for the Cavs. His number is retired in the Gund Arena.

And Again Thank you!!


Larry Nance

Nance saw the letters and promised to hook up Snow with tickets to a game this year. A happy ending for all, unless you count basically the entire Middle East, including the thousands of troops still in Iraq, and also Cavs fans mentally preparing to lose LeBron again.

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