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As you would could have guessed, Tiger Woods was the runaway winner of the 2009 Sports Human Of The Year award. Even though his breakthrough came late, it's difficult to argue he didn't earn it.

In the same way you can win an Oscar by being released in the last month of the year, you can win a SHOTY with an unprecedented holiday-to-holiday streak. It's really quite amazing. It's still so surreal.


Anyway, here was the final voting tally:

Tiger Woods 38 percent
Sean Salisbury 20 percent
Artie Lange 14 percent
Erin Andrews 10 percent
Lenny Dykstra 7 percent
Alex Rodriguez 5 percent
Jay Mariotti 4 percent
Josh Hamilton 2 percent

Your past winners:

2006: Barbaro.
2007: Isiah Thomas.
2008: Baby Mangino.
2009: Tiger Woods.


See you next year, kids.

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