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Everyone says it's the toughest division in baseball, but we think it's just the mostly hotly contested: You could pretty much interchange any of those top four teams and not sounds like a fool. But those Royals ...

Here's last year's predictions. And here's this year's:


1. Chicago White Sox. If this doesn't happen, and the ChiSox end up on the other end of this spectrum, Mr. Ozzie could be in trouble, and that would be a sad day.
2. Detroit Tigers. It's so cute when Gary Sheffield pretends to play nice for a little while.
3. Cleveland Indians. We will no longer believe in this team, which is probably why they'll win it all this year.
4. Minnesota Twins. Yep, that really is Sidney Ponson.
5. Kansas City Royals. As much as we'd love to believe ...

All right, whaddya got? We suspect you think we have the Twins too low, and you're probably right.

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