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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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The baseball season officially kicks off tomorrow, though no one will really think of baseball as happening until next Monday. (Or maybe that Braves-Nationals game on Sunday night.) So we figured this would be the last week to actually start previewing each division. So we're gonna hit one a day, starting today, with the AL East. We'll give our predictions, then you give yours. Deal?


So, here goes:

1. Boston Red Sox. We agree with Gillin from earlier today; the Red Sox seem destined for a slow start. But they're stacked and have even more guys coming. We still can't believe the Boston Red Sox are the model for all sports franchises right now.
2. New York Yankees. More proof: The Yankees, though they'll never admit it, are trying to follow the Red Sox plan to the letter.
3. Tampa Bay Rays. We can legitimately see them finishing over .500 this year. It was the "Devil."
4. Toronto Blue Jays. That whole budget increase didn't work out too well. At least we still have baseball in Canada somewhere.
5. Baltimore Orioles. Boy this is still going to get worse before this gets better.


Let's hear 'em, because baseball freaking starts tomorrow. (Kind of.) And tomorrow? The American League West

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