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Your CBS Announcing Crew Stalling For Time While The Power Is Out Open Thread

The lights are out in the Superdome, and it's a studio analyst's worst nightmare. The sheer dread in Steve Tasker's visage when he updated the audience on the amount of time it will take for the lights to fully come back on—20 minutes, and that was 10 minutes into this—was gut-wrenching. Twenty more minutes of Bill Cowher, just chatting. James Brown is literally lengthening his syllables, just to take up more time. It's going to be a scarring experience for all of these guys.

So let's watch along with the fellas! Who's doing a good job? Who's choking? Who's bringing up what drastic replacements as "food for thought"? Drink every time the cameras pan around the top of the stadium.


Update, 9:03 p.m.: 7-10 minutes, they say, with audible desperation.

Update, 9:10: Seven minutes was just about right, and a 34 minute delay is in the books. Everyone survived.

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