Three weeks of regular season college football left! The process by which teams go from "disappointing start" to "wait-a-minute-are-we-even-going-to-make-a-bowl-game" was set in motion months ago, but this is when everyone notices, so there should be some excellent temper tantrums across university campuses tonight.

If you're without a rooting interest, we suggest 1. Going back to sleep until about 3 p.m. 2) Waking up, making your bed, you fucking slob 3) Watching Oregon State go to Stanford in a game that may well decide who's playing in the Rose Bowl (3 p.m., FOX) or Texas A&M at LSU (3:30 p.m., CBS), in a game that (with Western Carolina and Auburn still on the schedule, both at home) will almost certainly decide whether Alabama goes undefeated in the regular season. Night games: maybe Mississippi State at LSU (7 p.m., ESPN), two teams with identical records and very different expectations. Also maybe stay up for the Oregon/Cal bloodbath (10:30 p.m., ESPN), or Kansas State at TCU (7 p.m., FOX). Otherwise, just go back to bed.

Yak below, and we'll link back when night descends.