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Your Davidson-Kansas Live Blog

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And now the Davidson Wildcats are all that stands in the way of an all 1-seed Final Four. If they, and we've been assured all day they are not just Stephen Curry, can deal Bill Self another regional final loss, they will be the first 10 seed to make the Final Four.


We know Davidson is exhausting its endowment to bus their students in free. Will Lebron be joining them? So what if the Cavs have a game an hour after tip-off? The Jayhawks did a number on 'Nova's Scott Reynolds Friday, can they contain the tiny juggernaut?

-Davidson with the first score and it wasn't Curry! See, not a one-man team!

-5 minutes into the game and we're still knotted at 2. Okay, Kansas scored. That should hold them for four minutes or so.

-Davidson with a quick surge to go up 9-6 about 8 and a half minutes in, but Darnell Jackson pounces on a mishandled rebound to get to the stripe.

-Hey, Stephen Curry has decided to put up some points. Maybe this game won't be the dregs.

-Tied at 23, Curry with 12 and aside from part of the second half of UNC-Louisville, we have a good game on our hands.

-After a sluggish first eight minutes or so, that tempo picked up considerably. Gus Johnson didn't like being subdued anyway. Kansas holds a narrow 30-28 lead at half. And Kansas is "holding" Curry to 15.


-Naturally, Billy Packer spent the end of the Texas-Memphis game talking about how Davidson couldn't possibly hang with Kansas. Choke on your own coprolite, Billy.

-Halftime question to Tyler Hansbrough: "Why do you play so hard every possession?" Can I still live blog with an 'SPLODED head? Time will tell...


-Stephen Curry has the first five points of the second half for Davidson. He shakes Rush for a three to bring his tally to 20.

-Kansas up 43-37 going to the line, seem to have reined in the careless turnovers and now have Davidson starting to get forced into taking some poor shots.


-Lovedale's turnaround jumper to give the Wildcats the lead is answered with a Kansas turnover. Ruh roh.


-Uh, Brandon Rush, buddy? That was an ugly shot.

-And Curry misses the big three down 4 with a little over a minute.

-But the one inside a minute down 5? He hits that. Jayhawks by a field goal

-Davidson possession with 16.8 to go down by a bucket. Cue piglet: Oh d-d-d-d-dear.


-And Curry couldn't shake the double team. Damn 1 seeds.