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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Your Early Leader For Hustle Play Of 2013 Is This Peruvian Goalkeeper's Two Miracle Saves

Peru's football fortunes have rarely mirrored those of South American counterpart countries. They haven't qualified for the World Cup since 1982, and their U-20 youth squad has never gotten the nod for inclusion in that division's world championship. That could change with a strong performance in the CONMEBOL Youth Championship just underway in Argentina, though, and if they qualify they'll have goalkeeper Ángelo Campos to thank.


For sure, Campos got himself into a sticky situation late in last night's match against Uruguay. His attempt to play a long pass by coming out of the box ended up giving Uruguayan striker Gonzalo Bueno an open shot on the goal; Campos busted ass to keep it from crossing the goal line, then laid out to stop the rebound strike and preserve the 3-2 disadvantage—one erased when teammate Cristian Benavente drilled home a penalty in the 87th minute, earning Peru a point for the draw. [BeIN]

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