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Your Easter Weekend NBA Man Meat

The 2008-09 Cleveland Cavaliers have earned a reputation as being not only an excellent basketball team but also a loose, fun-loving crew. This fun apparently includes drawing fake tattoos on each others' backs.

You may recognize the half-naked man on the left as LeBron James, cager extraordinaire. His well-known tattoo reads "Chosen1", presumably because he will ascend to heaven this Sunday. The puffy-haired rapscallion on the right is LBJ's teammate, Cavs forward Anderson Varejao. His tattoo reads "Chosen2" and was applied with magic marker in a bit of NBA practice hijinks. Grown men drawing on each other with magic markers? This is a story that is as Easter.


Anderson Varejao inked up as Chosen2 [Shaver Sports]

It's Easter weekend. Get drunk, eat a ham, dye some eggs (PAAS!). The wayward Dashiell Bennett will be your host tomorrow, so I expect everyone right back here in the morning.


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