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Your Gay Sports News Roundup

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Whether it's celebrity deaths or gay sports stories, it seems big news always comes in threes. (That is how the expression goes, yes?) All kinds of gay news this Wednesday afternoon.

• The soon-to-be-ex-wife of New York Giants defensive lineman Michael Strahan has accused him of an "alternative lifestyle" with TV doctor Ian Smith, who disputes the claim, saying he's a happily married man. Excuse us? On the down low, hell-LO??!!


• Three New York fire fighters refused to play a gay rugby team after asking for assurances that no one on the team was HIV-positive. To quote a Gotham Knights player: "[The FDNY player] came up and said something like, 'I don't mean to be a jerk, but . . .' and then he asked if we could all confirm that we were not HIV positive." The FDNY ended up forfeiting the game. The Gotham Knights, by the way, were co-founded by Mark Bingham, one of the passengers who rushed the cockpit on United Flight 93 on September 11.

• We feel obliged to point out that the word "fag" is obviously offensive and never to be used in a derogatory fashion. Therefore, we rap Ozzie Guillen on the knuckles for calling Jay Mariotti that yesterday. Frankly, we would have gone with "drag queen;" it's less offensive, and certainly funnier. And probably true, actually.


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(UPDATE: Just thought you might want to muse on this story excerpt, from Guillen defending himself:

"He also said that he has gay friends, goes to WNBA games, went to the Madonna concert and plans to attend the Gay Games in Chicago. 'I called that of this man [Mariotti],'' [Guillen] said. 'I'm not trying to hurt anybody [else].''"

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