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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Monday night, the time of the week when it used to be a novelty that football was on but hasn't been for quite a while, is finally here, and both teams have a bunch of sparkling new toys to show off tonight.


Both teams have Super Bowl ambitions this year and added valuable pieces that they hope will put them over the edge. The Ravens added Anquan Boldin so Joe Flacco could have someone to throw to who can handle getting his face broken. The Jets added a shutdown corner to go with the shutdown corner they already had, a receiver to sit out for four games, and an old running back with something to prove. They even went so far as to get them a new place for corners to do their shutting down, their sitting out, and their proving whatever it is they have to prove. It should be a hoot, especially with all the announcers there to remind you you're watching a NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE football game. Those are routinely some of the better football games.


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