All due respect to the playoffs next week, but we can't fathom a much more exciting turkeyshoot than the National League this weekend. We're three days away from the end of the season, and not a single team has clinched, with seven still in the chase. It's insane.

The great Baseball Prospectus Postseason Odds report gives the following percentage chances on surviving the weekend:

Chicago Cubs: 92.9 percent.
Arizona Diamondbacks: 82.9 percent.
San Diego Padres: 65.6 percent.
Philadelphia Phillies: 59. 1 percent.
New York Mets: 58.5 percent.
Colorado Rockies: 34.0 percent.
Milwaukee Brewers: 7.1 percent.

The series to watch are Washington at Philadelphia, Florida at NY Mets, Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati, San Diego at Milwaukee and Arizona at Colorado. Playoffs? Who needs playoffs?