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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Your NBA Playoffs Open Thread

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Will Bulls-Cavs be half as good as Bulls-Celtics? Will the Atlanta Hawks learn to "Fear the Deer?" Can the Celtics shake off some half-season rust and stop Los Heat? Will the Nuggets rally in the name of their ailing coach?


The answer to all four is "probably not," but these playoffs have the chance to be a watershed moment in the careers of many involved. Mostly in terms of free agency. That, and "Will Lebron Secure His Legacy" are going to be the major storylines this year, so just leave the room if Mike Breen or Mark Jackson starts to yammer on about it. Maybe just watch the games on mute while folding laundry and booting up the Farsi Rosetta Stone you got for Christmas. To psych yourself up for the games, here's a Tom Gugliotta mixtape via Fat Shawn Kemp.

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