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Your NFL Draft Open Thread, Again

The three-day draft appears to be an unqualified success for the NFL's ratings, as there are plenty of intriguing players left that people will tune in to see. Remaining names include Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow. Wait, what?

While last night's ratings were up 23 percent from last year, it'll be pretty interesting to see how tonight goes. It's a Friday night, so it's a little more pathetic to stay inside watching a glorified press conference. And Tebow, who was counted on to provide suspense for the second (and third) nights of the draft, is off the board.


But you'll be here, won't you, dear readers? Use the handy-dandy comment section below to register your elation, disgust, or dick jokes. And click the little arrow that says "reply" if you'd like to reply.


Thanks for putting up with joining us for Comedy Week. We're turning the asylum over to the inmates this weekend, with the inestimable Gourmet Spud running things tomorrow, and the inescapable Stev D steering the ship Sunday.

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