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Your NFL Early Games Open Thread

Sure, Patriots owner Robert Kraft took the inspirational, everything's-gonna-be-a'ight approach to talking about the looming bloodsport between billionaire owners and millionaire players in today's Boston Globe...

"I want to assure our fans and everyone else that I'm doing everything within my power to try to help to see if there isn't a way we can't have labor peace before the season ends,'' Kraft said. "In my mind, it's possible and actually something that should happen.

"Knowing what I know now - and I'm privileged to see a lot of what's going on - there's a wonderful opportunity for everyone associated with the NFL to grow together.


But that don't do a damn thing for the fact that there's one good game to watch in this post-Thanksgiving early batch (Green Bay at Atlanta), a bucket-list-themed novelty (Favre at McNabb) and four other game unworthy of much attention, does it?

So, here are a video of turtles getting their freak on. You're welcome.

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