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Your NFL Games Of The Week

Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh. I've been looking forward to this game more than any other this weekend, college or pro. You've got Joey Porter and Chad Johnson talking trash back and forth, with T.J. Houshmandzadeh getting in on it... it's Carson Palmer's revenge game against the team that crippled him, and there is a very genuine dislike here. I think Chris Henry may have been shot Joey Porter. What more could you ask for?

Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis. Jacksonville had their "statement" game against Pittsburgh last week, but the Colts would like to see a little more evidence before welcoming the Jags into the club of elite teams. Great opportunity for the Jags. Beat the Colts on the road, and there's no question now that you're for real. Get romped, though, and you're just a decent team against a quarterback who makes up a new illness every week.


NY Giants @ Seattle. The Giants are coming off an improbable, emotionally-draining comeback last week, and going on the road to play a good team... there's a very reasonable chance that this one turns into a romp. Deion Branch will be making his Seahawk debut, by the way.

Chicago @ Minnesota. It's sort of the NFC's version of the Jacksonville/Indianapolis game. The seemingly fundamentally sound 2-0 team that's looking for respect, going against the established conference powerhouse, that always has a good record, but never gets to the Super Bowl. Chicago even has the quarterback that has an astronomical passer rating. Rex Grossman damn near has a stranglehold on the NFL's MVP award.

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