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Your NFL Late Games Open Thread

We are continuing our hot open thread action this afternoon, so let's get to it before the excitement of new experiences wears off and we realize, while looking around awkwardly, oh my god, what have we done. Previews and chat, downtown.

Carolina at Arizona (FOX): Welcome to your "Who's Done Less Bowl." Newton vs. Kolb. Corn on the Cob. Produce. Fruit. Apples are fruit. Newton hit by an apple, but discovers gravity. Carolina loses the battle, but wins the war.


Minnesota at San Diego (FOX): Man, can you imagine being a Vikings fan? It's like their lease runs up and rather than buy a new car, they just go for a shittier certified pre-owned car. And then trade that in for an even shittier CPO. They did just recently extend Adrian Peterson though, so look for him to have a terrible season. San Diego is also looking to extend its 15 year streak as the Team Everyone Thinks is Awesome But Always, Always Shits The Bed.

Seattle at San Francisco (FOX): [blows brains out]

New York at Washington (FOX): Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will be calling this game-so you know it's serious. Expect plenty of solemnity and mono-toned commentary as Joe Buck tries to give the occasion its due respect. He will probably mention 9/11 as well. Speaking of, the Giants have done a pretty cool thing and are asking fans to participate.


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