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Your NFL Week 1 Viewing Maps

Oddly, there are but two 4:00 pm games today, while you'll get to choose from 10 contests at 1 pm. How this is consumer-friendly or beneficial to anyone but Fox, I don't know, but I guess consumer-friendly has never been the goal here.

If you've ever gotten tired of an elitist attitude from someone from New York or Los Angeles, today's your day to gloat. They have to watch the Raiders and Jets.

CBS at 1 pm:


Fox at 1 pm:

Fox at 4:25 pm:


Enjoy all of your favorite NFL opening week traditions, including your fantasy site going down and/or being slow, The DirecTV Sunday Ticket online not working for long stretches of time, and hearing way too much about other folks' fantasy teams.

Big thanks, 506sports.

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