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Morning football feels weird, and I don't understand how you West Coasters have adapted to this.

This is going to become a regular thing, happening multiple times a year. If you're the NFL, why just concede that time to pregame shows? Does Lions/Falcons get more attention at 1:00, competing with a handful of other games, or at 9:30 in the goddamn morning with a national TV audience? If they can expand their all-day ratings grip while still nibbling away at the UK market, that sounds like the kind of thing that would make them very, very aroused.


They've already asked Lions and Falcons fans to wake up early on a Sunday. They'll be coming for you next.

In games being contested on normal people time, you have some pretty decent options at 1:00 today: Seattle/Carolina, Baltimore/Cincy and Chicago/New England all hold at least moderate interest. Enjoy.

CBS at 1:00:


CBS at 4:00:


Fox All Day:


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