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Your NL East "Preview"

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It is important to point out, before we start predicting our final division, that we have picked a team other than the Braves to win the division for five consecutive years. As if you needed any more assurance that our predictions are always wrong.

1. Philadelphia Phillies. They kind of have a bit of a White Sox feel, we think. A team that has underachieved for a few years, finally putting it all together. This is called a "reach."
2. New York Mets. We still don't quite understand why Aaron Heilman isn't in the rotation, but that was probably too wonky of a comment for Deadspin. We still hope they end up getting Benitez back.
3. Atlanta Braves. This is the year. Totally!
4. Florida Marlins. Let's make this clear: The manager is six years younger than Julio Franco.
5. Washington Nationals. Dontcha kinda get the feeling that everything is about to completely collapse here? We get that feeling.


These posts stay on the site forever, so make your predictions in the comments. That way, in six months, you can show off how smart you were.

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