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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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As mentioned in New York Magazine this week, the Mets have a promotional flyer that says "It's Time For A Little Revenge." As NY Mag pointed out ... hey, you're the ones who choked.


That said, we, perhaps stupidly, like the Mets this year.

1. New York Mets. Come on, come on ... sign Bonds in July. It'll be fun!
2. Philadelphia Phillies. If last year was really all this is going to come to, one suspects Phillies fans will be less than pleased.
3. Atlanta Braves. Even though they no longer have the water taxis to Shea, we still want to get there for Tom Glavine's first game there.
4. Washington Nationals. Elijah Dukes, Dmitri Young and Lastings Milledge. We can't wait.
5. Florida Marlins. We will never tire of saying "Uggla."


We showed us ours, now show us yours. And Monday we wrap up with the American League East.

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