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Your Pearl Jam Fan Notes Contest Assignment: One Ed Vedder, Captured.

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Just as I suspected, there are dozens of lame white people with shitty musical tastes that read Deadspin. Take Erik, who submitted the Eddie Vedder autograph you see above with this accompanying story:


So I worked at the Mandarin Oriental San Francisco for a few years and worked in room service. Met many celebs and saw plenty of crazy stuff. Pearl Jam stayed there pretty much every year around the Bridge School Benefit Concert time(Neil Young as well). So Eddie orders sorbet one night and I deliver and he is by himself in the suite. I am a huge fan and my girlfriend loves Eddie as well so I figured I might ask for an autograph (other than on the bill). This is frowned upon of course and I had never done it before but what the hell, he seemed pretty cool. Well he was, and when I asked if he could sign for my girlfriend he crooned "anything for love" and even drew a little wave on the card. Righteous!

So tomorrow, we're going to begin running some of the more unique Pearl Jam stories, including a love letter from one very special fan guaranteed to make everyone angry. Even Pearl Jam, possibly.


We do have stories, but not that many photos outside of blurry concert photos. I'm looking for cellphone photos of Ed Vedder out and about, preferably drinking and preferably with his arm around you. Send your submissions to with "Me and Ed" in the Subject line. The one who sends what I determine to be the best of this lot will receive a copy of the PJ20 book and the movie soundtrack. All that for just being a tactless fan invading a superstar's privacy.

Spread the word, please.

UPDATE: This post has been edited from its original form.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Go trade stories with the leaves.

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