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Your Prayers For More Carlos Mencia Have Been Answered

When someone convinces Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas to reprise their Bob and Doug MacKenzie characters for a beer ad, that's when I'll get excited about a Super Bowl commercial. Until then we've got Carlos Mencia, who will be featured in a Bud Light Super Bowl spot this year. Hey, where's everybody going? The Chicago Sun-Times says he's "gifted!" He's the Latino everyman! Hey, come back ... he only plagiarizes occasionally!

From the Sun-Times:

Who could forget how Mencia burst on to the Super Bowl scene last year in a brilliant spot from Latinworks in Austin, Texas. That spot had the comedian at the head of a classroom filled with foreigners as he attempted to teach his eager pupils the finer points of ordering a Bud Light in various distinct American dialects. Mencia's mastery of the dialects, together with the wonderfully bizarre foreigners' attempts to mimic him, made for a commercial that was genuinely funny.


All fine I suppose, except that the idea for that bit was stolen from Robin Williams in Good Morning, Vietnam, and since it's Robin Williams that means it was probably stolen from somewhere else ... don't be surprised if it first appeared in cave paintings in France.

In Mencia's defense, we present rejected Deadspin commenter hey_world: "omg wy does everybody seem to hate him. he a really good guy not to mention he extemely talented. SORRY GUYS HE A STAR.. O AN HE SEXY."

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