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Your Shirt Will Keep Score For You

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So here's a novel concept: Currently some "researchers" at Australia's University of Sydney are working on a basketball jersey that will compile your stats for you while you're on the floor.

Basically, it has little lights that perk up when you score, or are fouled, or whatever other statistical eccentricities you might happen to compile. Rim Systems, which, uh, "makes web-based products for managing sports and recreation information," whatever that means, says it would eventually make sense for advertising purposes, but could also, down the line, measure a shooter's heart rate when he's at the free throw line, or other Orwellian features.


We are still obsessed with the statistical notion, however. If they put this in the NBA, it would be endlessly amusing to watch players stare at their jersey to see how much more they need to score to reach their performance bonuses. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to see Ricky Davis constantly trying to see the side of his jersey?

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