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Your SNL MVP, Peyton Manning

For a variety of reasons, I hadn't watched Saturday Night Live in a while. I considered giving it a go after Justin Timberlake cut a hole in a box, but I never got around to it. Of course, there was no way I was going to miss Peyton Manning hosting, and I was hoping that while I watched, I'd pick up another reason or two to keep watching SNL.

And I did. I will watch again, the next time Peyton Manning is hosting.

I'm sure all the cast members are individually talented, and maybe they had an off night, or maybe they all willingly took a backseat for Peyton ... but I've gotta tell you, I didn't laugh often last night when Peyton Manning wasn't involved. The highlight was the above United Way commercial parody (I'm a sucker for injured-child humor; I'm not proud of it), and the "I carried a slice of ham in my pocket all day just so I'd have a secret" line is sticking with me.


He won a Super Bowl, and he successfully hosted Saturday Night Live. But the most amazing thing he's done over the last few months might be making damn near everyone like him.

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