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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Your Super Bowl Buzzsaw Matchup: Pittsburgh vs. Arizona

In two weeks, the Pittsburgh Steelers will face the Ari... Arizo... I almost can't even say it, it sounds so strange... Arizona Cardinals... for the world championship of American football.

Troy Polamalu (of course) iced the Steelers victory with an interception return for a touchdown, and Kurt Warner rose from the dead to do the damage for the Cards (with a little help from Mr. Fitzgerald here.) And after a wild and crazy NFL playoffs, a little bit of order was restored. Yes, Arizona is in the freakin' Super Bowl, but they were the home team today, no one has been playing more inspired football this month, and let's be honest ... you give Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid the football with three minutes left and a seven-point hole, do you really expect them to come through for you? (Sorry, Boss. It's the truth.)


Anyway, it's too late at night to be watching football on a Sunday, so we'll call it an evening. But not before I give Emeritus the final word:

This beer here, it tastes particularly good. —-about 1 hour ago from txt

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