What they're saying out in the ether about the weekend's AFC playoff games ...

Steel Curtain Decends To Host AFC Title Game. All of that makes this report from NFL.com’s Adam Shaefter more intriguing. The league web site approved insider claims that there’s a legitimate chance that the Chargers could try to move Tomlinson this offseason to avoid the sizable cap hits his contract will bring. To wit, that’s worth nearly $9 million next season. That money would be more than enough to lock up both Sproles and quarterback Philip Rivers, which will almost certainly give the storyline more legs. [Sports by Brooks]

What Is Domination? This is. The Steelers gutted the Chargers yesterday in the final playoff game of the weekend. The conference championship rounds are set, Philadelphia/Arizona and Baltimore/Pittsburgh. If defense wins championships, I think the deck is stacked for whomever wins the AFC to win the Super Bowl. Not to sleep on Philadelphia's defense, but it is no comparison to Baltimore or Pittsburgh's tenacious D. [Deuce Of Davenport]

Playoff Chaos? Blame Realignment. Blame the realignment of 2002, which broke the league into eight four-team divisions. The realignment gave us situations like the one we've had here in 2008, when a 12-4 team (Indy) has to go on the road to face an 8-8 team (San Diego), while an 11-5 team (New England) that beat a 9-7 title-game contender (Arizona) by 40 points just a few weeks ago sits at home and watches it all unfold. [Cold Hard Football Facts]


What Do You Do With A Ratbird Hat? OK, here's the situation I was in. I'll tell you what happened and what I did, and then I want to hear your comments about what you would do in the same situation. Titans vs Ratbirds, it's halftime with the score tied 7-7, and I go to the facilities. After taking care of business, I'm heading out the door behind some real stupid-looking goofus dressed in fugly purple and he drops something on the floor... [Total Titans]

All Aboard The Purple Express, Redskins Fans. I know that you hate us, and there’s no way I can convince you to do otherwise. But if you think about it, the Baltimore Ravens are your best chance at peace with the remainder of the football season. [Stet Sports Blog]


One Of These Probably Cost Us The Game... Choose Wisely Edition. Jeff Fisher on the blown delay of game call on the crucial 3rd down: "I've always maintained that there's a human element in the game as far as officiating is concerned. There are going to make mistakes; it is part of our game,'' Fisher said. "But this particular mistake was unacceptable. There is no excuse for it, it was a mistake, and it was a costly mistake." Peter King gives some inside scuttle-butt about the D.O.G. and what rules may change in reaction to what happened Saturday. [Music City Miracles]

Pathetic, They Almost Looked As Bad As Denver. San Diego must have listened to everyone picking the Steelers because it looked like they bought into the whole bullcrap “Steelers mystique.” At least the defense made some decent plays, but they also gave up some critical yardage and first down conversions. I won’t mention the lousy officiating by Bill Leavy and crew. [San Diego Chargers]


Big Ben Should Get Concussed Every Week. See David Brent there? That was me during the second half. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. [Heels Sox And Steelers]