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Your Uninspiring Super Bowl Champion Colts

In one of the duller, more sloppy Super Bowls we can remember — it was kind of the equivalent of this year's World Series, actually — the Indianapolis Colts have won the NFL Championship. We're back from our labors — and labors they were indeed — at CBS and happy to back here. Congratulations, Indianapolis; we will remember your Super Bowl title for at least as long as we can stay awa —- zzzzzzzzzzz.

Super Bowl XLI Champs: Indianapolis Colts []

(UPDATE: We'd like to note that we're genuinely happy for Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning and the entire Colts team, most of which seem like pretty class acts, or, at the very least, more fun to hang around with than Tank Johnson. We just mean it was a dull, uninspiring game. We're definitely happy for them, especially Dungy. So that's clear.)


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