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Your World Series Game Five Open Thread

C.J. Wilson hears the voices. How could he not? You hear them too, and you don't live inside C.J. Wilson's head. They're whispering that he can't get it done, that he isn't worth the $90 million he might earn in free agency. They're saying that he's nothing but Randy Wolf in New Age wrapping paper. Even his Phiten is moaning at him, "C... J... I don't have the magic powers anymore... You're on your own..."

And so we find C.J. Wilson tonight as a man at the end of one rope, making what could very well be his last start as a Texas Ranger (Derek Holland seems a good bet to pitch game seven, regardless of how Wilson does tonight), hoping that he might leap to a particularly lush other. He's got the regular-season swell strikeout totals, diminishing walks, wins and ERA for a big deal. But all that's vanished in the playoffs to date.


The series is tied 2-2; C.J. Wilson is 0-3 in his playoff starts so far.

Chris Carpenter will do his Chris Carpenter thing, and with all likelihood the Rangers will get their three or four runs but no more. So, yeah, C.J., it's on you. You hear. You know.

Game's 8 p.m., with Roger "No Romo" Staubach throwing out the first pitch. Buck and McCarver on the call. Talk down here. You've been warned.

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