Breathe in, breathe out. It's baseball time in America. Not baseball night, really, because it's Friday night, and no one assumed this series would continue to this Friday night. But you've cancelled your Friday night plans in hopes of watching this game, because this is One Of Those Games.

Last night was One Of Those Games, yeah, but you wouldn't have known that before you watched it. For this one, you have some idea. Chris Carpenter, on short rest, against Matt Harrison, who got obliterated in game three, on extra rest. The Rangers didn't go with Derek Holland or C.J. Wilson; they went with Harrison. That's something.

But Matt Holliday is gone for St. Louis, victim to some wrist or pinky thing. Which means some outfielder dude named Adron Chambers, who hasn't played at all this postseason, is now the Cardinals' 25th man. At this point, I wouldn't put it past him to pitch the 18th inning.

Baseball, everybody. Game's on Fox, 8 p.m., with your boys Buck and Timmy Mac. Mull some cider and pull your Pendleton blanket out of the closet, and talk about everything with your Deadspin buddies down here.