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You're With Me, Election

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Yeah, yeah, I agree; there's something clearly disturbing about Boomer being the last human to interview John McCain and Barack Obama before we all go to the polls today. But look on the bright side: The phrase "Barack and a hard place" was not uttered; Berman didn't lose it and scream at an intern; and we got a college football playoff out of the deal. David Frost and Richard Nixon this wasn't, but neither was it Stephen A. Smith. Here's the historic meeting between Berman, Barack Obama and John McCain that followed the Monday Night game; videos that will be pored over and debated by scholars for, oh, the next 10 minutes or so. Enjoy. Click to view Click to view One of the great joys I get from these videos is the belief that ESPN first tried to give the interviews to Scott Van Pelt, causing Berman to set fire to the set and threaten to sue everyone at the network. I have no proof that this happened, but it's fun to think about. And this is also fun:

Ha. Obama, McCain Interviews [Fandome]

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