"You're With Me, Leather"

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Sorry, folks, but we still can't quite get over the psychological ramifications of the Chris Berman story we ran earlier today. Our brains are fried, and we don't believe in an afterlife anymore. We also agree with one of our commenters; the first ESPN anchor to use the phrase "You're with me, leather" in reference to a great defensive play officially becomes our favorite anchor — lo, human — on earth. And hey: We now understand why he was hanging out with Huey Lewis all the time.


Perhaps most surprising about this: Within an hour of posting that item, our inbox was flooded with similar Berman stories. We had no idea the man could chase a skirt with such aplomb. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Berman would have hit on me too ... If his wife weren't standing right next to him.


Berman's seat was next to me at a Jackson Browne show. By the end, when everyone was dancing (really), he was dancing more with me than his wife. He signed my stub, "Rock Me On The Water."

So, I find this "leather" story rather easy to believe.

and ..

I was reading about the Berman story. At the Super Bowl a few years back (Giants v. Ravens) in Tampa, I was downing a few drinks in Champions sports bar in the hotel. A guy I was with was working an excruciatingly hot woman at the bar for about an hour. Suddenly in walks Boomer and stops right in front of the woman, reaches out, and grabs her by the arm (gently). She gets up, as we all look on in disbelief, and they take off together never to be seen again. I did not hear any cute pickup lines but whatever he did was enough to make her leave immediately and leave her cell phone and digi cam.

Story sounds amazingly similar to the one told on the site. Additionally, she was a brunette of about 5-11, rocking bod and claimed to be in Maxim and Playboy. I am just confirming the M.O.

Honestly, our whole perception of humanity just dramatically shifted. You go, Boomer.


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