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You've Got To Be Shitting Me, Washington

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Apparently Donovan McNabb just signed a 5-year extension with the Redskins. This is no "sorry 'bout benching you" empty gesture. There's $40 million guaranteed. Guhh.

This is a joke, right? Some big elaborate practical joke where everyone gets together and decides to say that the Redskins are going to pay Donovan McNabb up to $88 million dollars, just to mess with his head. Except no one warned me, and I'm relaying it as if it's fact.

McNabb turns 34 next week. He's looked old, and fragile, and slow this season, but not old and fragile and slow enough to warrant not giving him a 5-year contract extension. His noodle arm is only going to get noodlier, and his once-relevant legs are already going. You know how a quarterback stays effective until he's 39 without a cannon arm? Game smarts.


Oh lord, what hath Snyder done.

Are they going to teach him how to kick? Even George Blanda gave up quarterbacking at 39. Can he will talented receivers into being by sheer force of want? They're not getting A.J. Green, and poor Julio Jones would actually be downgrading his QB in Washington.

Sometimes I forget why Dan Snyder takes so much shit. Surely he's not the first owner to make a few bad moves, and the Skins aren't the only franchise to be consistently bad. But then he goes and does something like this, and TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF.

McNabb's had quite the career. Deserves all the accolades in the world, for that time he was a good quarterback. That time that ended a couple season ago, and isn't coming back. Not even for 40 million dollars.


Guess he's safe from being benched for the time being, though.

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