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You've Picked Up A Mauve TV Guide

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Somehow, we were able to escape the February Of Sadness, but this first week of March doesn't seem to yield much excitement beyond the Grapefruit League and the Atlantic Sun basketball tournament. With that in mind, today's video game you oughta play is the obscure Dragon Crystal for the Sega Game Gear. Don't own a Game Gear? Then never mind.

In Progress — Curling: Canada Cup page playoffs. There's no shame in watching this just for Jennifer Jones. At least I hope. [CBC]

12 noon — College basketball: Duke at NC State. The Research Triangle is atwitter. [CBS]


12 noon — Pittsburgh at Syracuse. Orangemen fans have tried to concoct a funny Myron Cope jeer, but it just didn't work out. [ESPN]

12 noon — 2005 Wheelchair Pool Championship. Tune in to see if whoever won this tournament got a standing ovation. [ESPN Classic]

12 noon — College basketball: Wright State at Valparaiso. Raiders and Crusaders have more in common than one might think. [ESPN2]

1 p.m. — Arena football: Dallas Desperados at Georgia Force. Is she related to Funny Car legend John Force? [ABC]


1 p.m. — Gymnastics: American Cup. Since it's America, the cup will likely be 44 ounces. [NBC]

2 p.m. — College basketball: Texas A&M at Oklahoma. Boomer Sooner, Longar Longar. [ESPN]


2 p.m. — College basketball: Wichita State at Drake. How teams in Iowa and Kansas can be part of a conference called "The Valley" didn't fare so well in topography class. [ESPN2]

3 p.m. — PGA Golf: Honda Classic, third round coverage. I was thinking about the Cadillac, but I'm thinking of going with the 1984 Honda Classic that used to belong to Jon Voight. [NBC]


3:30 p.m. — College basketball: North Carolina Tar Heels at Boston College Nicotine Squares. [ABC]

4 p.m. — College basketball: TBA. Could be anything. Could be meat ... could be cake. [CBS]


4 p.m. — College basketball: Ohio State at Minnesota. I'll take my chances with TBA. [ESPN]

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