Zambia stunned the Ivory Coast yesterday in winning the African Cup of Nations after a 17-minute 8-7 penalty shootout.

The shootout became necessary only because Chelsea striker Didier Drogba blew an easy penalty shot in regulation for the Ivorian side, which lost despite not conceding a single goal in the tournament.

But the best moment came after Zambian Stoppila Sunzu found the net to clinch victory 19 years after a plane crash killed nearly all the members of the Zambia national team. Joseph Musonda‚ÄĒwho came out of the match in the 11th minute after suffering an injury‚ÄĒfound himself in the arms of manager Herve Renard, who carried him onto the pitch so he could celebrate with his teammates. It looked remarkably like Kerri Strug and Bela Karolyi in 1996.

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