Zion Williamson Is Too Damn Big To Be Dunking From The Free-Throw Line Like This

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Gravity, hanging on by a thread, seemed to be the only remaining thing tying future Duke freshman star Zion Williamson to the rest of us mortals. Until Tuesday.

Williamson weighs 285 pounds. Yes, he’s maybe the single greatest dunker for his age in 15 years, but one would think his bulk would put some limitations on his leaping ability. This afternoon both the laws of physics and reason were defied and disrespected, yet again:


The crazy thing about this particular dunk—which is a legit free-throw line dunk, not one of those shabby attempts that forces you to overlook the fact that the dunker took off a step inside the line—is that we’ve seen it before. Williamson has performed the free-throw line jam for the camera once before, at the end of June.


A reminder to everyone that even if he can’t make a damn jumper (he can), this is about to be the Season of Zion. Good lord, I can’t wait.