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Zion Williamson's First NBA Dunks Were Very, Very Good

Gif: Fox Sports South

Let’s quickly get out of the way that none of this means anything. The NBA’s regular season doesn’t start for another few weeks; any basketball these teams play before that is of zero consequence. OK, now: holy shit! Zion Williamson is a certified monster! After about a half-hour of careful inspection, I can safely and definitively declare him not a bust. Just under two minutes into the New Orleans Pelicans’ first preseason game against the Hawks, Williamson threw down his first dunk—a driving, one-handed posterizing slam off a single dribble—and it was simply magnificent. Watch closely and you can see Trae Young briefly rethink his entire life. Condolences can be sent to: Atlanta Hawks, ℅ Damian Jones, 101 Marietta St NW #1900, Atlanta, GA 30303.

A few minutes later, he topped his first dunk with—if you can believe it—a RUDER dunk, this time a two-handed jam off a Lonzo Ball assist.


The Hawks have begun careening out of the paint when they see him coming! Unfortunately, he is now dunking faster than I can write this very blog.

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