Zlatan Ibrahimovic Opens Wormhole With Ridiculous Strike

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Please, Zlatan, we have accepted you as Soccer God, do not use your powers for evil!


The newest exhibition of the Almighty's omnipotence comes from today's Champions League match between PSG and Anderlecht. Not content that his previous two goals in the contest elicited the requisite levels of awe, Zlatan decided to unleash upon the globe a third that should cement in our minds his place as deity.

From a fairly slow build up, Marco Veratti finds a deep-lying Ibrahimovic for a pass just into Anderlecht's half. Ibra spots Maxwell in space out wide and flicks the ball to him. Maxwell attempts a cross onto the surging run of Ezequiel Lavezzi but that is cut out by the Anderlecht defense.


Of course Zlatan just happens to be near the area where loose ball is bouncing (omniscience, duh) and sprints onto it before the ball is cleared. From there he uncorks an absolutely massive strike, about 30 yards out, which tears a hole in the space-time continuum. The shot travels along a seemingly impossible trajectory, neither rising or falling, and it somehow doesn't tear a hole in the back of the net. Maybe our God is benevolent after all.

Here's a gif of the goal so you can enjoy the breakdown of physics on a continuous loop.